Family Medicine Services


Our Services

  • Family Medicine Clinics – offers a one-stop clinical care to patients with all kinds of presenting problems by a doctor who provides and coordinates personal, primary and continuing comprehensive health care for individuals and families. Both booked and walk-in services are provided

  • Chronic Care Clinics – Offers coordinated patient centred chronic care models. Appropriate referrals and patient advocacy is provided to ensure cost-effectively, patient-centered and non-fragmented care. Under this ambit, we provide cardiometabolic clinic at the main campus and an outreach centre

  • Smoking Cessation Clinic – A multidisciplinary service coordinated from the department and with appropriate management with pulmonologists, cardiologists and counselors with aim of aiding clients to cease smoking

  • Obesity Management – a multidisciplinary service that guides clients to engage in safe weight loss programmes. The service offers supervised exercise programs with the physiotherapy departments, detailed nutritional counseling, and prescription from the dieteticts department, supportive psychological counseling for weight loss and pharmacological treatment of obesity and its complications. Referral for bariatric surgery where indicated is also done

  • Wellness/Executive Clinic – Detailed Screening Consultations and health promotion and Wellness Checks and Advice

  • Medical Examination Clinics – Medical Check-up for pre-employment, annual employment, pre-university admission, immigration medical check-up, travel clinic  etc.

  • Staff Clinic – Staff curative and preventive services, Pre-employment and post-employment check, Occupational, Sharps and Hazardous exposure management, Hospital Food Handlers Certification, Radiation Safety Program etc.

  • Consultative, supportive and advisory support to AKUHN Outreach clinics.