Medical College Leadership

Dean and Associate Deans

Prof Robert W. Armstrong​ 

Dean, Medical College


​Dr Hussein Kidanto

Associate Dean, Dar es Salaam Campus

Prof William Macharia  

Associate Dean, Research


Dr Dorothy Kamya​

Associate Dean, Postgraduate Education   
Message from the Associate Dean​



Chairs of Departments

Prof Michael  Chung 

Chair, Department of Internal Medicine   




  Prof Asad Raja

  Chair, Department of Surgery​




  Dr Sudhir Vinayak ​

  Chair, Department of Radiology​




  Dr David Nekyon 

  Interim Chair, Department of Anaesthesiology  




Prof Marleen Temmerman​

 Chair, Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology  




  Dr Pauline Samia 

  Interim Chair, Paediatrics and Child Health   




 Dr Jacob Shabani

 Interim Chair, Family Medicine 




Interim Chair, Department of Pathology


Dr Riaz Ratansi

Chair, Family Medicine, Dar es Salaam


Dr Kamran Hameed

Chair, Internal Medicine, Dar es Salaam

Dr Athar Ali.JPG

​Dr​ Athar Ali

Chair, General Surgery, Dar es Salaam

Prof Dr Stanley Luchters