Medical College Leadership

Dean and Associate Deans​​

Prof Lukoye Atwoli 

Dean, Medical College of East Africa

Prof Hussein Kidanto

Associate Dean, Dar es Salaam Campus

Prof Abraham Siika 

Associate Dean, Research



Prof Robert Opoka   

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education  

Dr Dorothy Kamya​

Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education ​​  
Message from the Associate Dean​



Dr Boniface Mativa

Interim Associate Dean, Clinical Affairs


Chairs of Departments

Dr Reena Shah

​Chair, Department of Internal Medicine


Dr Abdallah Abdulkarim

Dr Sudhir Vinayak ​

Chair, Department of Radiology​



Prof Marcus Lancé

Chair, Department of Anaesthesiology  



 Prof ​Elkanah Omenge​


  Prof Pauline Samia 

  ​​Chair, Paediatrics and Child Health   




 Dr Jacob Shabani

 Chair, Family Medicine 



Dr Shaheen Sayed

Dr Anthony Ngugi


Prof Mansoor Saleh 

Chair, Department of Haematology-Oncology


Prof Simiat Elias 

Chair, Biomedical Sciences

Dr Riaz Ratansi

Chair, Family Medicine, Dar es Salaam


Dr Kamran Hameed

Chair, Internal Medicine, Dar es Salaam​

Dr​ Athar Ali​



Dr Miriam Mgonja


Dr Mariam Noorani