Who We Are

Family Medicine is a medical specialty, which not only offers cure of the ailments but also advises the patients on disease prevention and health promotion.

Family physicians provide care to their patients based on the following principles:

  1. Caring – Provides patient-centered care in an empathetic environment.

  2. Clinically Competent – Well trained, knowledgeable and skilled to provide the best care possible.

  3. Cost Effective – Provides best possible care within nominal expenses – value for money.

  4. Continuity of Care – Provides long-term care for chronic conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension etc.

  5. Comprehensive Care – One doctor provides care for all problems.

  6. Common Problems' Management Expertise – Provides expert care for common problems.

  7. Continuing Medical Education (CME) – Lifelong learner with relevant & updated knowledge and skills.

  8. Co-ordination of Care – Ensures the best care even through other required specialties.

  9. Community-Based Care and Research – Provides evidence-based care through community-based research.

  10. Communication and Counselling Skills – Expert in explaining, guiding and providing counselling.