The internship programme is a one-year structured training programme comprising 3 months each in internal medicine, paediatrics , surgery, and obstetrics and gynecology. Aim The aim of this programme is to provide high quality

training to the medical officers, interns in both clinical and non-clinical areas. The interns consolidate knowledge and skills acquired during medical school training and learn new skills that enable them to function as independent medical officers capable of rural or urban practice. Non-clinical skills like curriculum vitae writing, self-directed learning skills and interview skills are taught by professionals on a monthly basis.


By the end of the one-year training through the four departments, interns should be able to:

  • Function as competent and caring physicians

  • Assess and manage common medical and surgical conditions

  • Manage emergencies and participate in resuscitations

  • Start appropriate initial management and refer appropriately

  • Perform common procedures independently and efficiently

  • Communicate with patients and their relatives effectively

  • Work with their peers

  • Acquire knowledge of commonly used drugs and their rational use

  • Passed emergency training courses in medicine, surgery, pediatrics and obstetrics and gynecology

Eligibility to Enter the Internship Programme

  • Evidence of having completed undergraduate course in a recognised medical school in Kenya

  • Doctors qualified from medical schools within the East African Community (EAC) region and who qualify for reciprocal recognition

  • Doctors who have attained the minimum requirement for admission to universities in Kenya, qualify from outside the country and pass the internship qualifying exams set by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists’ Board (KMPDB)

  • Evidence of having signed the Hippocratic Oath

  • Passing the Internship Assessment Exam and interviews set by the Aga Khan University

Recognition of the Programme

Aga Khan University Hospital is a recognised medical internship centre by the Kenyan Medical Practitioners and Dentists’ Board, which is the regulatory body for medical doctors in Kenya.


Programme directors and chief residents evaluate all interns rotating in the programme at the end of every three months within each discipline. The interns are also given learning diaries and procedure and skills logbooks for each rotation, which they complete in order to be eligible to move to the subsequent rotation. At the end of the year, an internship completion form is sent to the KMPDB subject to satisfactory completion of the Programme.

Selection and Appointment

Applications and interviews for interns take place in October and December. Selected interns start the Programme in January of each year. An intern’s appointment contract is for one year from January to December.

Governance of the Internship Programme

The overall responsibility of all interns and intern-related activities rests with the PGME Director and Internship Coordinators. The day-to-day administration of the Programme is managed by Internship Coordinators. The specialty Programme Directors are responsible for training matters, patient care services service as well as interns during rotations in their respective departments.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should submit the following documents as part of their application:

  1. Cover letter

  2.  A personal statement that includes future interests.

  3. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  4. Academic certificates and transcripts

  5. Three letters of reference

Incomplete documentation will lead to automatic disqualification from the interview process. 

Applications should be submitted by email to:

or by post to:

The Manager, Recruitment
Aga Khan University,

P.O. Box 39340 -00623

For any enquiries, contact us on:
or Tel: +254 20 366 2106 / +254 20 366 2919