Professor El-Nasir M A Lalani, Founding Director, AKU-CRM

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Papers ​

  1. ​​​Riaz N, Idrees R, Habib S & Lalani E-N (2020)Lack of Androgen Receptor Expression Selects for Basal-Like Phenotype and Is a Predictor of Poor Clinical Outcome in Non-Metastatic Triple-Negative Breast CancerFront. Oncol, 28 July 2020. 

  2. ​​​Barr D, Chan D, Garfinkel S, Hammatt Z, Ichikawa L, Kalichman M, Lalani E-N, Jae LI, Leung F, Mah E, Mayer T, Palittapongarnpim P, Sawicka T, Sham HM, Shastri S, Sun P, Taylor P & Tzeng O.​ First meeting in Asia of the Asia Pacific Research Integrity network. Pages 99-106 | Published Online: 14 Jan 2020.​ 

  3. Riaz N, Idrees R, Habib S, Azam I, Lalani E-NExpression of Androgen Receptor and Cancer Stem Cell Markers (CD44+/CD24- and ALDH+): Prognostic Implications in Invasive Breast CancerTranslational Oncology. 2018; 11(4): 920-929. 

  4. Ibrahim S, Siddiqui AA, Siddiqui AR, Ahmed W, Moss PAH and Lalani E-N (2016). Sociodemographic Factors Associated with IgG and IgM Seroprevalence for Human Cytomegalovirus Infection in Adult Populations of Pakistan: A Seroprevalence SurveyBMC Public Health. 2016;16:1112.  ​

  5. Sultana A, Idress R, Naqvi ZA, Azam I, Khan S, Siddiqui AA and Lalani E-N (2014). Expression of the Androgen Receptor, pAkt, and pPTEN in Breast Cancer and Their Potential in PrognosticationTranslational Oncology. 2014;7(3):355-362.

  6. Romanska H, Salagierski M, Bruton R, Abel P, Sosnowski M and Lalani E-N (2010). Doxazosin Induces Apoptosis in PTEN–positive Androgen-independent PC Cells via Inhibition of A kt ActivationCentral European Journal​​ of Urology. 2010; 63(2):91-97.

  7. Romanska H, Tiziani S, Howe RC, Günther UL, Gulzar Z and Lalani E-N (2009). Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Detects Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase/Akt-Independent Traits Common to Pluripotent Murine Embryonic Stem Cells and Their Malignant CounterpartsNeoplasia. 2009;11(12):1301–1308. ​

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  9. El-Sheikh SS, Romanska R, Domin J, Abel P and Lalani E-NPredictive Value of PTEN and AR Co-expression of Sustained Responsiveness to Hormonal Therapy In Prostate Cancer--A Pilot Study​.  Neoplasia. 2008 Sep; 10(9):949-53.

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  15. Ockrim J, Lalani E-N, Aslam M, Stanfield N and Abel P (2006). Changes in ​​Vascular Flow After Transdermal Oestradiol Therapy for Prostate Cancer: A Mechanism for Cardiovascular Toxicity and BenefitBJU International March 2006; 97, 498-504. 

  16. Baus-Loncar M, Schmid J, Lalani E-N, Rosewell I, Goodlad RA, Stamp GW, Blin and N, Kayademir T (2005). Trefoil Factor 2 (tff2) Deficiency in Murine Digestive Tract Influences the Immune SystemCell Physiol Biochem. 2005;16(1-3):31-42. ​

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Books/ Book Chapter​s​​

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