​Ethics Thinking Group

​The speed at which stem cell science is developing has generated considerable enthusiasm among scientists, industry, health-related advocacy organisations, and patient populations that perceive benefit from these advances. Concurrently, policymakers and other interested parties are voicing their concerns about whether appropriate systems are in place to govern the technologies and how societal values will reflect in conducting and applying stem cell research.

The Aga Khan University recognises that stem cell research and associated potential stem cell treatments, xeno-transplantation for organ donation, and human genome editing, whilst hold promise, pose significant challenges. Therefore, It has​ convened a thinking group to examine the scientific underpinnings and the clinical, ethical, legal, and social implications of using human stem cells and genome-editing technologies in biomedical research and medicine.​ ​The group includes an esteemed panel of experts in the fields of stem cell research and regenerative medicine, theology, law and e​thics.​

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