​Tissue Engineering​​

Team Lead: ​El-Nasir Lalani, Professor Emeritus,​​ AKU-CRM

The tissue engineering team at AKU-CRM is growing 3D cellular constructs using scaffolds to build more representative models of tissues and organs for assessment outside the body and to examine the response of damaged tissues to targeted treatments. In the future, these models have the potential of being used as an alternative to animal models for treatment trials. The goal of this programme is to find ways to fabricate patient-specific, functional, artificial tissues that can be used for transplantation to replace or support damaged tissues.

​​While this solution-driven design​ goal has a long way to go to be fully realised, this direction motivates our team to keep working towards constructs that can help improve our understanding of how tissues develop. This understanding will help in designing constructs that can serve as better models for biological assessment. 

​The s​pecific objectives of our tissue engineering team are:

  • Finding novel materials from biological sources that can support organised cell growth

  • Generating complex geometries with lineage-specific spatial localisation 

  • Understanding the mechanism between cell-ECM (extracellular matrix)

So far, the team has:

  • Harvested materials from biological sources and processed them to improve biocompatibility 
  • Characterised the materials as per their chemical and physical properties 
  • Explored ways to generate complex geometries from different materials​​

Team Lead

Dr ​El-Nasir La​lani​​

Professor Emeritus,​ AKU-CRM​​

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