About Us

The Centre for Regenerative Medicine has partnered with the Eli and Edythe Broad Center for Regeneration Medicine and Stem Cell Research, University of California San Francisco to develop research capacity in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. This is aligned with AKU's vision to become a research-led university.


To foster a strong regenerative medicine and stem cell research community across AKU campuses and to accelerate the growth of scientific knowledge about stem cell biology, train a cadre of scientists, clinicians, research associates and the development of therapies and diagnostic methods under the highest ethical, scientific, and medical standards for the purpose of alleviating disease and improving human health in a state of the art research centre.

Pillars Of Focus
Phase 1: 2017-2021


Research Focus

  • Stem cell biology

  • Stem cell niche

  • Generation of disease-specific iPSC cell lines

  • Creation of an iPSC stem cell bank

  • Clinical trials and drug development  


Critical Capacity

  • Building critical human capacity of:

  • Basic and clinical scientists

  • Postdoctoral fellows

  • Clinical fellows

  • Graduate students

  • Research associates


and Training

  • Offer graduate studies: Master and PhD in regenerative medicine and stem cell biology

  • Offer training, workshops, and seminars

Building Core
Research Facilities

  • Develop an integrated state of the art research centre incorporating laboratories and core facilities to include

  • Imaging Core

  • FACS Core

  • Academic Pathology Core

  • Sequencing & Bioinformatics Core

  • Epigenomics Core

  • Drug Discovery Core

  • Vivarium


Public Information,
Engagement and Advocacy

  • Develop patient and public information material related to:

  • Stem cells

  • Regenerative medicine

  • Potential therapeutic applications - hope versus hype

​ ​ CRM will be working with UCSF towards developing five areas in Phase1 from 2017-2021