Resources on Stem Cell ​Research Ethics

Stem cell science, regenerative medicine, ethics and society​​

While recent discoveries in stem cell research have raised the hope among scientists that there will be breakthrough cures for diseases, it has also brought new ethical and regulatory questions that require attention. To reflect on some of the emerging ethical issues, AKU and the Nova University in Portugal brought together experts in a co-hosted international​ symposium held in Lisbon in June 2019. ​ We are pleased to share the talks by experts and panel discussions to stimulate your thinking and learning about stem cell research ​ethics. ​​

Talks​ by Experts 

External Resources ​

Ethical Issues in Stem Cell Research​ - International Society for Stem Cell Research 

Ethics and Society - Euro Stem Cell​​​

Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights​​ - UNESCO​

Professor Rose Carter ​

Bennett Jones LLP, Canada

​Ethical and legal obligations in stem cell research​​​

Helena Pereira de Melo

NOVA University, Portug​al 

​Stem cell science, regenerative medicine, ethics and society – underlying ethical and l​egal conc​erns​​

​​ Professor Ilhan ​Ilkiliç 

Istanbul University, Turkey 

Ethical challenges of new biotechnological research and interventions in value-pluralistic societies​​​


Professor Timothy Caulfield

University of Alberta, Canada

Twisted science, tokens of legitimacy and unproven stem cell therapies​

Professor Ángel Raya

​Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Spain 

​iPSC-based modelling of human neurodegenerative diseases: possibilities, trials and tribulations​


Professor Arnold Kriegstein

Universi​ty of California San Francisco, USA ​

Genomic insights into human-specific brain development, evolution, and disease


Professo​​r Azim Surani 

University​​​ of Cambridge​​​​, UK 

​Creating ​​​human germ cells in culture: scientific and ethical challenges​​​



Professor Janet Rossant 

University of ​Toronto, Canada ​

Embryos, embryoids, chimeras and gene editing – the promise for improving human health and the ethical concerns​