​Cancer Stem Cell​

Team Lead: Dr ​El-Nasir​ La​lani​​​, Professor Emeritus, AKU-CRM​​​

Our cancer stem cell team has generated two primary cancer cell lines with potential stem cell-like characteristics from metaplastic carcinoma of the breast, a rare aggressive form of breast cancer; and ​multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer. These are amongst the first primary cancer cell lines to be developed in Pakistan under the supervision of Professor El-Nasir Lalani.

​The team is now planning to work​ on identifying:

  • The role of androgen receptor in the development an​d spreading of breast cancer, specifically triple-negative breast cancer​, and​ 

  • ​The function of Epstein-Barr, a virus that can cause tumours, and a protein called MUC1 in the development of multiple myeloma. ​


​D​r Nazia Riaz is leading the work on br​east cancer while Dr Sheerien ​Rajput is in charge of the research on multiple myeloma.​​

​​Team Lead​

Dr ​El-Nasir La​lani​​​

Professor Emeritus,​ AKU-CRM

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