​Professor​ El-Nasir M A Lalani

Team Lead,​ ​Founding Director, AKU-CRM​​

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Dr Lalani is Professor of Stem Cell Biology and Translational Medicine at Aga Khan University’s Centre for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research (AKU-CRM). He was appointed as the Founding Director of the Centre in August 2016. Professor Lalani holds a cross-appointment as Professor of ​Molecular and Cellular Pathology in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine​ at AKU's Medical College​​. Before his current appointment, he served as the Founding Dean of Research and Graduate Studies at AKU for eight​ years. He held Professorial positions at University of Birmingham, UK and ​​Imperial College, UK before joining AKU.​​​

​Team Members​

Dr Na​zia Riaz​

Assistan​t Professor

​Syed Mustafa Jamal​

Research Associate​​