Molecular Cytogenetics Core Facility​

The Molecular Cytogenetics Core Facility (MCCF) at AKU-CRM provides state-of-the-art chromosome analysis services for research. It performs testing on a wide range of samples such as peripheral or cord blood, bone marrow and cell lines.

The facility is equipped with a Zeiss Metasystems automated imaging platform that is coupled with a high-resolution CCD camera and dedicated software tools. Ikaros Software allows karyotyping whereas Isis allows FISH analysis and Multicolor Karyotyping. Both the Ikaros and Isis are connected to a Metafer slide scanning platform that allows an unrivalled degree of imaging automation and quality. ​​

Services Provided

  • Metaphase chromosome preparation - cell culture and harvesting: Culture of mammalian cells, harvest and fixation of samples for further evaluation  

  • Ploidy evaluation: Counting of chromosomes in metaphase spreads of any species using on DAPI staining and full karyotyping based inverted DAPI  

  • Conventional Karyotyping: G-banding that allows all chromosomes to be analysed in a single cell​​​

  • Interphase and metaphase D​NA fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH): (commercial probes only) ​​

  • Multicolour FISH analysis: 
    • ​Detecting complex rearrangements, translocations, large deletions, duplications and aneuploidy through a powerful 24-colour, whole-chromosome genome-wide painting assay  
    • Assessing numerical and structural chromosome aberrations and chromosomal instability​

Service Fee

Services in this facility are provided by trained and dedicated staff on a fee for service basis. ​For more information and assistance, please contact:​

Sadia Habib

​Assistant Manager, Laboratory​​​

2  Email Logo.png ​​​​​​

hpicon_voice_calling1.png​​+92 21 3486 4874​​​​​​