Tissue Culture Facilities 

The CRM has a central tissue culture facility dedicated for specialized projects in stem cell research. The facility will include three independent cell culture rooms including: 

Screening and development tissue culture facility 

This facility will be dedicated to the screening of newly acquired cell lines for bacteria, mycoplasma and phenotyping for contamination and originality. In addition, primary cell lines will also be generated from fresh tumors in this specific facility. 

Cancer cell culture facility 

In this facility, all established and previously screened cell lines will be grown and maintained under aseptic controlled conditions. All experimentation will also be conducted on these cell lines in this facility only. 

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC) culture lab 

This lab will be solely dedicated towards development of iPSCs from human cells of different origins. These cells will be further characterized for further studies in this facility only. Non-iPSCs, cancer cells and primary tumors will not be grown in this facility. 

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For queries, please contact ​Sadia Habib, Assistant Manager, CRM at sadia.h​abib@aku​.edu