Technology at the centre,​ Pakistan​

The Centre has a number of high, medium and low fidelity mannequins and simulators. These mannequins exhibit human physiologic functions such as blood pressure, reactive pupils, working tear ducts and heart and lung sounds. Trainees can perform many common procedures such as starting an IV, obtaining a blood sample, inserting a bladder catheter, giving medications, treating wounds and performing surgical procedures in response to the specific case they are evaluating and treating. It also has a variety of clinical task trainers for basic skills development.

All of the equipment in the centre has been chosen to reflect what is currently used in the clinical work place, preparing trainees to the highest standard before they reach to the ward areas. The simulators and mannequins are used in conjunction with real clinical equipment such as monitors, intravenous infusion pumps, ventilators and defibrillators and provide an authentic clinical experience which focuses on the participants’ learning needs.

Patient Care Mannequins and Simulators

Our simulation labs feature a number of high, medium and low fidelity patient care mannequins and simulators. The centre has thirty six low to high fidelity patient care mannequins and simulators which provide highly realistic, hands-on experiences that help students learn and practice before interacting with actual patients. Click here to see a list of mannequins and simulators.

Surgical, Imaging and Diagnostic Simulators

Prior to working with actual patients, trainees practice general and minimally invasive surgical procedures and skills training at the simulation labs, using advanced medical simulators. Click here to see a list of surgical, imaging and diagnostic simulators.

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Task Trainers

The Centre also utilises several trainers specifically designed to assist learners in mastering specific tasks. Task trainers help individuals acquire mastery of basic procedural skills at their own pace. Click here to see a list of task trainers.


B-line Medical Debriefing System

The Centre also has the B-line Medical Debriefing System to provide faculty and staff with a one-window solution in planning, managing, and evaluating student performance during simulated practice and Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs).