Educational Programmes about Simulation-Based Education

Target Audience
Conference for Clinical Simulation​​ Strategic Planners
To be announced​Strategic Leaders, Directors, Deans, Departmental Heads, and Managers
Clinical Simulation Educators Programme​Aug 9-13, 2021
Sep 27 - Oct 1, 2021
​Oct 4-8, 2021
​Healthcare Educators and Clinicians
Clinical Simulation Operators Pr​ogramme​To be announced
Technical and Operational Staff

Training Programmes

Topic​DateTarget Audience
Neonatal Resuscitation ProgrammeTo be announced​​​Healthcare providers working in NICU
Surgical Skills Workshop on Transurethral Resection of Prostate - TURP​​​​​To be announced​Urologists, Residents and Interns
SONOGAMES - Sounds of the right kind​​To be announced​Radiology residents and those who want to enhance their knowledge and skills of ultrasound
Surgical Simulation Workshop on LaparoscopyTo be announced​​​General surgeons, fellows and residents
​Fundus Simulator Training​To be announced​Ophthalmologist in training and practice
​Workshop on Refractive Surgery (Contoura Vision)To be announced
​Refractive surgeons
Mini-Symposium on ​Neuro-Ophthalmic Emergencies
To be announced
All physicians interested in Neuro-Ophthalmology
Fundamental Critical Care Support Provider Course
To be announced
​Physicians who manage critically ill patients
​Basic and Intermediate Laparoscopy WorkshopTo be announced
General surgeons and gynaecologist
​Strengthening Education and Empowering Management of Diabetes (STEER)
To be announced
​General physicians
Management of Common Respiratory Disorders
To be announced
​General physicians, medical officers and residents
School Teachers' First Responder Course
​​To be announced
​School teachers
​Updates in Medical Education and Excellence (UMEED)
To be announced
​General physicians
Anaesthesia Management of Postpartum HaemorrhageTo be announced
Anaesthesiologists, medical officers, residents and interns
Critical Care Focused Ultrasound Course​
To be announced
All residents, fellows & consultant working in Anaesthesia, ICU, Pulmonology, Emergency Room and Acute Care.
SIMWARS - An on-stage simulation based competition​
To be announced
Undergraduate and postgraduate medical and nursing students, and Allied health professionals
​Boot Camp for Medical Officers
​To be announced
​Medical Officers
Boot Camp for PGME Residents and InternsTo be announced
Postgraduate Residents and Interns
Cardiac Intervention Simulation WorkshopTo be announced
Interventional Cardiologists
​Mechanical Ventilation Course (Basic to advanced)To be announced​Anaesthesiologists, Intensivist, Hospitalist & Pulmonologist, Critical Care Nursing Staff
​Advanced Airway Management CourseTo be announcedTrainees, Residents, Fellows, Medical officers working in Anaesthesia, Emergency and Critical Care