​​Explore our facilities, ​Nairobi​

The CIME Nairobi ​​features simulated hospital suites which include two critical care units, medical-surgical ward, maternity room and high dependency unit along side surgical simulation lab, and twelve assessment and communication rooms. These spaces could be flexibly arranged to create variety of simulated environments like trauma, surgery, neonatal intensive care, and post-anaesthesia care. ​Each of these spaces will be equipped with advanced patient care simulators and audio-visual equipment for recording simulation activities and will be operated by an individual control room. 

In addition, the Centre has multifunction learning spaces which could be used for classroom teaching, debriefing, small group learning and a collaborative workspace. To help make training exercises feel real to participants, the clinical spaces are built to the same design standards as their counterpart at a ​modern hospital.​​​

Critical Care ​​U​​nit

CCU1 - Mock OR EA.jpg

Criti​​cal Care ​​Unit

CCU2 - Sim Ward EA.jpg

​High Depen​​d​​ency Unit

HDU EA.jpg

​Maternit​​​​​y Ward

​​Maternity Ward EA.jpg

Medical-​​​Surgical Unit

Med Surg Ward EA.jpg

​Surgical Simulation Lab

Surgical Sim Lab EA.jpg

Learning​​​ Spaces

​​​Learning S​paces

Learning Space EA.jpg

Assessment and Communication Suite

Small Group Learning EA.JPG

Assessment and Communication Suite