Patient Care Mannequins and Simulators

High Fidelity Patient Care Simulators

Human Patient Simulator (HPS)

​​Designed specifically to support anesthesia and medical gases, with patented cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological and pharmacological modeling, the HPS is ​​the Gold Standard in high fidelity patient simulation for respiratory and critical care training. The HPS interfaces with real clinical monitors and ventilators, and automatically responds to the administration of real anesthetic gases, oxygen therapy and drugs / medications.

HPS 1.jpg

SimM​​an 3G

Patient simulator that can display​ neurolgical symptoms as well as physiological. It is simple to operate and features innovative technology such as automatic drug recognition. With its scenario programing feature, user can develop own scenrios, from the real situations.​​

​It provides an opportunity to train our students without risk of patients and helps to prevent medical errors. It enables students to deliver quality patient care with integrity, consistency and confidence.

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Victoria is the most realistic maternal delivery mannequin and birthing simulator, ready for neonatal care, and childbirth obstetric patient labor and delivery training; capable of simulating ante-partum conditions, high risk deliveries, and emergency. Victoria simulates a full range of obstetrical events to facilitate teamwork and deepen critical thinking skills in learners of all levels. Victoria supports the widest range of real patient monitoring equipment of any childbirth simulator, allowing participants to train using the tools they will use in real situations. Victoria simulates shoulder dystocia, breech, and C-section deliveries.


​Victoria's Newborn

Victoria births a full-term baby of realistic size and weight designed to provide participants with the most realistic visual and tactile experience possible.

Victoria's newborn features measurable vitals, which allows participants to perform health assessment and determine if additional care is needed.

Victoria's newborn.JPG


SimBaby is an advanced infant patient simulator ideal for training in all aspects of infant care. With realistic anatomy and clinical functionality, SimBaby is suitable for all types of training - from routine care to critical emergencies.

It provides highly realistic patient simulation for the practice of teamwork, leadership and communication skills. We prepare our students for the unusual or difficult cases they may face in real life.


Medium Fidelity Patient Care Simulators

​​​​​Harvey (Cardiopulmonary Patient​​​​​​ Simulator)

​Harvey has been a proven simulation system to teach bedside cardiac assessment skills that transfer to real patients. Harvey, The Cardiopulmonary Patient Simulator, is the longest continuous university-based simulation project in medical education.​

​It realistically simulate​​s nearly any cardiac disease at the touch of a button by varying blood pressure, pulses, heart sounds, murmurs and breath sounds.


Vital Sim Me​​ga Code Kelly

A full-body manikin designed for the practice of advanced, difficult and obstructed airway scenarios and IV therapy. MegaCode Kelly with SimPad PLUS allows cardiac defibrillation, pacing and ECG interpretation of over 1000 rhythm variations. This flexible manikin platform, complete with scenario based simulation curriculum provides a wide range of accessory modules to accommodate training, including CPR, ACLS, NBC, trauma, bleeding control and first aid.

1 Mega Code Kelly.jpg

​Vital Sim Advance Mega Code ​​Kid

MegaCode Kid paired with the SimPad PLUS System can help educators implement training for a wide range of emergency skills including CPR, ACLS, trauma, first aid and child abuse awareness training in field, transport and in-hospital settings. It has a realistic airway, extensive ECG library, defibrillation and pacing capabilities, allows drug administration and intraosseous infusion to help teach the critical skills of managing pediatric emergencies.

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Resusci Anne® Sim​​ulator

The Resusci Anne Simulator has been designed for the unique training needs of emergency care in both pre-hospital and in-hospital environments. It is anatomically realistic with a host of features available for multiple learning objectives including:

High quality airway management with endotracheal tubes and supraglottic airway devices
Spontaneous breathing
Live defibrillation and synchonised ECG
​IV insertion
Blood pressure auscultation
Pulse monitoring
Voice, lung and heart sounds for basic simulation training
Quality CPR (QCPR) feedback on the SimPad PLUS to measure and improve CPR performance

Resusci Anne.jpg 

Low Fidelity Patient Care Mannequins

Adult Teaching ​​​​Mannequin

Personal hygiene, cleaning (removable pa​rtial prothesis)​​
Lifting, mobilization
Bandaging and wound dressing (including stump dressing)
Irrigations (eye, ear, nose, stomach, intestine, bladder)
Injections (intramuscular and subcutaneous)
Naso-gastric lavage and gavage Oxygen treatment, artificial respiration
Tracheotomy care
Catheterization (male and female)
Ostomy care (colostomy)
Enema administration​

Adult Teaching Manikin.jpg 

Advance Life Support Baby Trainer Mannequin

Realistic airway anatomy with tongue, oropharynx, epiglottis, larynx, vocal cords and trachea
Practicing of bag-valve-mask ventilation, oral and nasal intubation and use of LMA
(Laryngeal Mask Airway)
CPR can be performed
3-lead, 4 connectors ECG monitoring
Available with optional HeartSim® 200
Rhythm Simulator
Intraosseous needle insertion with aspiration of bone marrow
Sellick Maneuver can be performed​

PALS Manikin.jpg

​Advance Cardiac Life Support Mannequin

Palpable and visual landmarks
Fully articulated head, neck and jaw
A printer unit allows CPR evaluation
Airway Management
Realistic anatomy of the mouth, tongue, oral
pharynx, larynx, epiglottis, vocal cords, trachea and oesophagus
I.V. and I.M. Injection (at arm)
Articulated at the biceps for antecubital and dorsal access
Blood Pressure Measurement
Defibrillation Chest
Monitor manikin like a real patient at 4 ECG

ACLS Dummies.jpg 

Basic Life Support Mannequins (Little Family ​​​Pack)

The Little Family Pack provides quality CPR training. It is designed to reflect the realistic anatomical differences among an adult, a child and an infant.

Our students benefit from the most realistic, age-specific mannequins. The Little Family Pack includes Anne, Junior and Baby Anne.

Little Family Pack.jpg

Arrhythemia Simula​​tor

Palpable and visual landmarks
Fully articulated head, neck and jaw
Airway Management
Realistic anatomy of the mouth, tongue, oral pharynx, larynx, epiglottis, vocal cords, trachea and oesophagus
Cricoid cartilage allows for practice of Sellick maneuver
Separate left and right lungs for auscultation
Suctioning capabilities
Oral, nasal and digital intubation capabilities
Defibrillation Chest
Internal load box absorbs full strength of every shock
Manual, semi-automatic, automatic defibrillation Monitor manikin like a real patient at 4 ECG sites and 2 defibrillation sites
Compatible with all standard brands and types of
defibrillators and ECG-monitors
Interactive ECG-Simulator​​

Arrhythemia Simulator 2.jpg