​Surgical, Imaging and Diagnostic Simulators, Pakistan

High Fidelity Surgical Simulators

VirtaMed (Urology S​​imulator)

VirtaMed provides simulation training for TURP, TURB, laser BPH with Thulium or HoLEP, and morcellation. During the training, trainees learn how to master instruments and manage complications without involving live patients.

Full BPH education: TURP, TURB, laser Hands-on urologic surgery with highly realistic tactile feedback.


​VOXEL-MAN (ENT ​​Simulator)

This ENT simulator helps our trainees in training of surgical anatomy, manual dexterity, and problem solving skills. Using techniques of virtual reality and robotics, it provides a look and feel close to the real procedure. ​

The system is based on virtual 3D models of the skull base, derived from high-resolution CT data.


Immersive Touch (Neur​​​osurgery Simulator)

It is used for open and percutaneous surgery procedures.​ We train our students on this simulator for high-risk, complex surgeries.

Patient images can be converted into life sized 3D virtual holograms helping the students to visualize every procedure. Haptic feedback allows the students to touch and feel the different tissues in the 3D patient replica.

Immersive Touch.jpg

LapSim (Laparoscopy​​ Simulator)

Our trainees learn techniques and complete procedures on this simulator by practicing again and again at increasing levels of difficulty, with hundreds of new challenges, scenarios and complications to make each experience unique.

Each exercise is digitally recorded with detailed metrics, statistics and video debriefing, providing both immediate and long-term skill development feedback.

​EyeSi (Eye Surgery Simu​​lator)

Our trainees learn cataract and vitreoretinal surgery procedures on this simulator.

Eyesi provides objective and immediate feedback after each virtual exam, so that trainees can systematically improve their skills. Our trainees examine a wide range of simulated clinically relevant cases before they meet their first real patient.


Mentice VIST-C (Endovascular Sim​​ulator)

​This is a portable high-fidelity endovascular simulator enabling hands-on procedural training for clinicians and medical professionals.

Through this simulator, we train our learners for a wide range of angiography and interventional procedures. It enables learners to enhance technical skills, clinical decision-making abilities and procedural proficiency.


Dental Simulators

This is the most comprehensive and integrated solution available in the field of dental education.

The Phantom-head Dental Simulation enables us to support students with a high level of clinical relevance in a controlled setting. Students get to experience a complete delivery system that combines operability of air-​turbine and electric hand pieces, ultrasonic instruments, curing lights, and cameras while practicing procedures over a movable manikin.​


​ARTHRO Mentor

It is an advanced arthroscopic training simulator. This simulator features a line of simulated procedures, combining fiberglass / polyurethane anatomical models (shoulder, knee and hip) with 3D images and haptic sensation, to allow users to learn key aspects of the procedures. Simulated procedures are performed utilising a realistic set of tools as used in the OR including the arthroscopic camera, which allow our trainees to acquire a true-to-life hands-on experience.

​GI-Bronch Mentor (GI & Bronchoscopy Simul​​ator)

The GI-BRONCH Mentor allows for GI endoscopy and flexible bronchoscopy training alike, using authentic scopes and an adjustable 24” touch screen.

The GI Mentor’s unique training system combines designated hardware and software to create a true-to-life sensation, including original Colonoscope and Duodenoscope, and physical master tool and guidewires to simulate a variety of endoscopic tools.

Upper and lower GI cases are conveniently alternated, offering a comprehensive environment for gastrointestinal endoscopic hands-on training.


Imaging and Diagnostic Simulators

Vimedix Cardiac Ech​​o Simulator

Our students are provided opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to perform and interpret cardiac echo imaging procedures using the Vimedix Ultrasound simulator. Students enhance skills and practice real-time transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) and transesophageal echo (TTE). Real-time 3D graphic representation of the cardiac structures, cross sectional anatomy, and transducer location helps students gain experience without being reliant on patient volume and helps bridge the gap to​ understanding anatomy and improve the time to ​imaging competency.​​​