​Rethinking Teaching​ Workshop

Rethinking Teaching (RTT) is a workshop offered by the Network of Teaching and Learning that aims to encourage participating faculty to examine and develop their thinking about the course design process. The goal of RTT is to allow faculty to align learning outcomes, content knowledge, teaching pedagogies and assessment practices. It is offered annually in Karachi, biennially in East Africa and is a pre-requisite course for those interested in participating in the Blended Learning Faculty Development Programme (BLFDP).

What is it?

The RTT workshop fosters a reasoned and intentional approach to teaching informed by reflective practice and peer feedback. There are two integrated components of the workshop: the process of designing a new or existing course, developing a comprehensive course map and outline; and the opportunity to work with colleagues in small groups to provide and receive feedback. Throughout the workshop, facilitators work with faculty members towards developing a focus on student learning while designing the course.

How does it work?

The RTT workshop is spread over four days.  Its follows a four-step process: 

1. Conceptualizing course content based on concept mapping

2. Developing learning outcomes that lead to significant learning of the concepts in the course content

3. Determining approaches and methods for evaluating student learning and aligning it with the learning outcomes and understanding of subject matter

4. Selecting and developing instructional strategies and aligning it with understanding of subject matter, learning and assessment activities. 

Facilitators begin each day by presenting the session’s topic to participants. During these presentations, faculty can ask clarifying questions and see examples of expected outcomes. Following this, faculty split into small groups to work on developing concept maps, learning outcomes, assessment strategies, and learning strategies and ensuring alignment between the aforementioned concepts. Faculty present the results of their work to their group members, who provide constructive feedback. The session ends with facilitators introducing next day’s topic.

By the end of the workshop, faculty will have created a course design that has been through multiple drafts and stages. Faculty’s initial course outlines include concept maps for their courses, learning outcomes, student assessments, and learning. For the duration of the workshop, facilitators engage faculty to articulate their evolving ideas about what deep learning means within their disciplinary context.


• An enhanced understanding of the course redesign process;

• Feedback from colleagues provides faculty members with a new perspective on the course design;

• The opportunity to work in small groups and engage with faculty members across disciplines.

• On completion faculty have the opportunity to apply for the BLFDP.

In addition this course can be used to reflect upon teaching practice for those interested to participate in TEACH (Teaching Enhancement Accredited Certification of the HEA) to gain HEA Fellowship.


Participation in the RTT workshop is open to all AKU faculty and those involved with faculty education development. To be eligible, faculty or staff must submit the course outline that they want to redesign prior to the beginning of the workshop. 


The Importance of Rethinking Teaching: A Course Design Workshop


Rethinking Teaching: A Course Design Workshop