About the Radiology Residency Program


The Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging postgraduate training is a structured four-year program and our residents graduate with a Master of Medicine degree.

In recognition that residents joining the program have minimal exposure to Radiology in their undergraduate training and in view of the growing demands for radiological services in the patient management, the Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging residency program is committed to:

  1. Training residents in the basic sciences to provide a solid foundation for the understanding of Radiology.

  2. Creating a conducive learning environment that promotes attention to detail, in-depth analysis, and critical thinking.

  3. Evidence-based practice, communication, and interpersonal skills and professionalism with an aim to multidisciplinary involvement in patient care.

The residency program believes that the key to the development of confident and competent physicians is the acknowledgment that each resident progresses differently in regards to their knowledge, skills sets, proficiency and efficiency in the Internal Medicine. Care is taken to ensure that roles of the residents during each of the four postgraduate years are well defined. In addition, every effort is made to ensure that the rate of individual development is appropriately assessed with regard to the level of each resident's personal growth in the clinical arena.


Selection Criteria

This is done initially by advertisement in the media

The applicant must hold a MBChB or equivalent degree and they must have completed internship training in a recognized institution and registered as a medical practitioner by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board or another mutually recognized body.

A rigorous selection process is in place to ensure that the best candidates are selected to join the program.

Selected candidates are requested to attend a three-day orientation program arranged by the Director of Post Graduate Medical Education. This orientation is conducted by the Faculty, the Post Graduate Medical Office and by the Hospital administration during the month of January.