​​​Message from the Chief Resident​

Welcome to the radiology department at the Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi. This is one of the busiest departments in the hospital due to the number and wide range of diagnostic and interventional procedures we do round the clock. The sheer number and variety of cases encountered and state of the art equipment makes masters in radiology one of the highly sought after residency programs to pursue in AKUHN. 

There is exposure to a variety of imaging modalities ranging from ultrasonography, MRI, nuclear medicine and soon PET/CT imaging as well as ultrasound and CT guided interventional procedures. We have a number of faculty specialized in various radiological subspecialties including neuroradiology, oncology, women’s imaging and cardiac imaging. The student to faculty ratio is well balanced to ensure each resident has sufficient one on one time with faculty for optimized learning. 

The radiology resident’s body is extremely vibrant and supportive. We excel in our work as well as in extracurricular activities: We are the reigning champions of the AKU annual sports tournament. We have won the tug-of-war competition two years in a row which speaks about our teamwork! Choosing to pursue a Masters in diagnostic and interventional radiology at the AKU, Nairobi is one of the best career choices one can make! We look forward to having you as part of the team and answering any of your questions. ​

Dr. Obino Mariah
Chief Resident, PGY 3
Radiology Department, AKUHN.