Psychiatry Faculty

Our faculty are trained and accredited in some of the finest institutions in Europe but have developed a keen understanding of the conditions faced in East Africa and can approach Psychiatry problems in the relevant context for our patients.

Full-Time Faculty

Alphonce Nabiswa B.Sc Hons (Wits), MBCh.B (UoN), FC Psych (SA), DMH (SA)  
Assistant Clinical Professor

Dr. Nabiswa, earned his medical degree from the University of Nairobi in 1986, a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Pharmacology from University of Withwatersand, South Africa in 1994 and his fellowship in Psychiatry from the College of Medicine of South Africa in 1998. He also received a Diploma in Mental Health from the College of Medicine of South Africa in 1996. Prior to joining Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Dr. Nabiswa served as a consultant psychiatrist at Lismore Base Hospital, Australia. He has also served as a lecturer in pharmacology and psychiatry at Moi University, Kenya. He is a member of the Kenya Psychiatric and the Kenya Medical Associations.


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  • Berk M., Nabiswa A.K., Kirchmann N., et al. Uptake of 45Ca2+  into platelets of patients with unipolar depression: effects of serotonin. Trace and microprobe techniques 1999, 17(1):123-128

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Part-Time Faculty

Dr. P. Onyancha MBChB, MMED (Psychiatry)