Evaluation Of Resident Performance


Residents are evaluated continuously during their training and this is broken down into 2 parts:

Formative assessment

Specific tools are used to evaluate the resident during their day to day activities and during their clinical rotations. These include:

  • Directly Observed procedures evaluation(DOPS), these are submitted monthly.

  • Anaesthesia Clinical evaluation (Anaescex), these are submitted monthly.

  • Mutually agreed statements of training (MAST) forms filled with by a clinical rotation supervisor

  • Clinical case logbooks

  • Continuous assessment tests at least 3 times a year

Summative assessment

These are the main exams written by residents twice during their training:

  1. Part 1 exam is written at the end of post graduate year 2 and is made up of:
    1. 1 MCQ paper

    2. 1 Modified essay question paper

    3. Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

  1. Part 2 exam is written at the end of post graduate year 4 is made up of:
    1. An approved dissertation

    2. 1 MCQ paper

    3. 2 modified essay question papers

    4. Objective structured clinical examination.

The exams are moderated by two external examiners each time, one from the East African region and another from overseas.