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Our Publicatio​ns Catalogue​​​ lists our new and forthcoming books, as well as our backlist.

AKU-ISMC Publications address current trends of thought about Islam, Muslims and Muslim societies. By creating access to scholarship from Muslim contexts in the English language and on a global platform, our publications foster intellectual exchange and dialogue about and between Muslim societies and cultures.

The Institute publishes an Occasional Paper series, two series with Edinburgh University Press, as well as individual volumes:

Abdou Filali-Ansary Occasional Paper series​

Publishes progressive, innovative research by affiliated faculty, fellows, researchers, and doctoral students across a wide range of research areas, demonstrating the depth and breadth of research undertaken at AKU-ISMC.

In Translation: Modern Muslim Thinkers

Translates into English important contributions to the contemporary debates of the Muslim world, thereby broadening the current discussions around Muslim societies, which, although global in scope, often overlook works of new and original thinking produced in Muslim contexts.

Exploring Muslim Contexts

Explores issues that are critical to contemporary Muslim societies, addressing questions pertaining to knowledge construction, social change, development and new forms of socio-economic, political and cultural practices and differentiations in Muslims contexts.

Individual Volumes

Stand-alone volumes illustrating the dynamism of scholarship, the critical reassessment of heritages and histories, and the rapidly accelerating impetus towards social change and globalisation that are taking place in Muslim societies today.

Muslim Civilisations Abstracts (MCA)​

Abstracts of books published in Muslim contexts on encyclopaedias, law and ethics, cities, gender, governance and education - translated into Arabic, Turkish and English.


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Our backlist is available for free through AKU's open-access platform eCommons .

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