​Research Strategy



The Aga Khan University's Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations (AKU-ISMC) is a research-driven and non-denominational liberal arts academic institution which produces internationally recognised research, education and outreach founded on a scholarly and plural understanding of Islam and Muslim cultures.  

​The objective of AKU-ISMC is to provide world-class academic research, guided by scholarly bravery as well as academic rigour, that has impact on future research and knowledge formation. AKU-ISMC research also, often, consciously tries to impact good governance and work against stereotyping, racism and social and gender inequality, and instead promote diversity and plurality. 

Our ambition is to foster a positive work environment for scholars and staff that is founded on collegiality and ​teamwork, and to create opportunities for all to develop in their respective roles.   

Faculty are engaged in, among other projects, evaluating water management systems in Northern Pakistan, gendered politics in Turkey, COVID-19 governance and reactions to it in different states including Syria, Iran and Pakistan, Afghan migrants in Pakistan, cultural production in relation to Islam in several different settings including Egypt, UK and Tanzania, and understanding the Indian Ocean’s historical role in trade and cultural exchange. ​

AKU-ISMC actively cooperate with other academic institutions and have signed a number of MOUs among them with Columbia University, New York, with whom we cooperate in a research-based Dual Master's Degree P​​rogramme​​​. ​​​

Further Information

Please contact us at: ismc.research@aku.edu​​​