Visting Fellowships​



​AKU-ISMC welcomes enquiries from scholars who wish to apply to the various UK, European and other funding schemes available to researchers for fellowships.  

We regularly get requests to host fellowships, so we would advise you to contact AKU-ISMC before submitting your application, in order to ensure that we can host you. 

Please contact us at​ and forward a copy of your application, along with details of the research that will be conducted during your visit and indicate the mentor that you wish to work with. Your application will be reviewed and further information may be requested.  

Benefits of having your Fellowship at AKU ISMC

You will have access to support and guidance provided by a mentor as well as other academic and administrative research staff. 

You will be able to engage with colleagues conducting world class interdisciplinary research in the study of Muslim contexts. 

You will conduct your research in a vibrant social and intellectual environment with public lectures, three-weekly research seminars and MA programmes with students from all over the world.

You will be given a workspace in the beautiful, state of the art building of the Aga Khan Centre located in London’s Knowledge Quarter.

You will be entitled to use the Aga Khan library—one of the finest research libraries for the study of Islam and Muslim cultures in Europe.

You will also have opportunities to present your research in research seminars. 

Any further queries relating to fellowships please contact​. ​

You will need to consider the following when applying for AKU ISMC to host your fellowship: 


If you are a non-UK national (except Irish citizens), you will need advice on the appropriate visa for your visit and will need to apply for a visa before travelling. If a visa is required, you will need to apply in advance of travelling to the UK. It can take some time to gather the necessary supporting documents and for visa applications to be processed. AKU-ISMC can provide a letter as the host institution to support the visa application of accepted Visiting Fellows. However, it is the fellow’s responsibility to apply for the visa and make sure they meet all the requirements. 

Some visitors who are coming to study or carry out research will also require an Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) certificate and, if required, this must be obtained before travelling to the UK. The Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) requires security clearance from the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office for studies and research in certain sensitive subjects.  


AKU-ISMC may be able to provide limited advice on where to find appropriate private accommodation, however the responsibility for arranging accommodation lies with the fellow.  

Visiting PhD Students

AKU-ISMC welcomes enquiries from PhD students who wish to visit AKU ISMC. All PhD students should have obtained funding for their visit, as AKU ISMC does not provide funding for this scheme.  

Please contact us at​ and forward a cover letter explaining your reasons for wanting to visit and work at AKU ISMC, along with details of the research that will be conducted during your visit and indicate the mentor that you wish to work with. Your application will be reviewed by the Research Committee.