Accomm​od​ation - Victoria Hall, ​King's Cross


​Located in the heart of King’s Cross, Central London, Victoria Hall is our award-winning halls of residence. ​The building has 198 state​​-of-the-art bedrooms and has been designed by London-based Stanton Williams Architects​​.​

The design and specifications of the eleven-storey building are equal to​ the best in the student housing market, with spacious single rooms, studios, disabled rooms and a small number of one bedroom apartments. Within the building there are a number of generous communal spaces, which include an onsite gym, reading room, meeting and A/V room and a lounge area.​

The student housing building also benefits from two open spaces, a courtyard and a roof terrace, inspired by the beautiful gardens of the Maghreb (Morocco) and Andalusia (Spain). Both of the open spaces have been designed by Vladimir Djurovic Landscape Architects, who are renowned for creating timeless poetic landscapes that put nature on the centre stage.​

The eight-point star pattern designed by Maki and Associates is echoed in Victoria Hall; set on to the glass and carved into the courtyard, as well as appearing in the architectural benches subtly emphasising its connection with the Aga Khan Centre. ​

The richness and diversity of the students - who come from a range of countries, speak a multitude of languages, derive from various cultural and faith backgrounds, and are of all ages - reflect the cosmopolitan nature of the city of London, whilst also being reflected in the design and decor of the building and gardens.​​​