Dr ​Sheerien Rajput​​​​​​​​

Assistant Professor

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​​Dr Rajput completed her PhD from the Aga Khan University under the supervision of Professor El-Nasir M A Lalani, Founding Director, AKU’s Centre for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research (AKU-CRM). Her PhD project focused on investigating the potential role and crosstalk between MUC1 and XBP1 in cancers with a particular interest in multiple myeloma using in-vitro cell line models and patient samples. She developed and characterised a unique myeloma cell line derived from a Pakistani patient. It is the first myeloma​ cell line to be developed in Pakistan. Dr Rajput also undertook the single largest study in Pakistan on immunohistochemical expression analysis of biological markers including stem cell markers (ALDH1, CD34 and CD117) on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tumour blocks from myeloma patients. ​She​ has presented her work at different national and international conferences.​​​​ After her PhD, Dr Rajput continued her engagement ​​with the AKU-​CRM as a post-doctoral fellow working with Professor ​Lalani. She was appointed as an assistant professor​ in September 2021.

​​Team Lead and ​Ph​D Supervisor​

​Professor ​El-Nasir La​lani​​

Professor Emeritus,​ AKU-CRM​​