CRM Administrative Team 

The CRM administration team provides a one-stop dedicated and friendly professional service to its staff, students, postdoctoral fellows, clinical fellows, visiting researchers and directors. 

Inspired by a shared mission of CRM, the team ensures strong and efficient linkage and exchange of information within and outside CRM. Get connected to the right people and contact us to arrange meetings to discuss ideas, gather information, or address any concerns at CRM. ​


Noorjehan Amir Ali  

Assistant Manager 

Noorjehan Amir Ali completed her MA in Islamic Studies from the University of Karachi in 2010 and MBA in Human Resources from Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Institute in 2013. 

She joined the Aga Khan University Hospital in July 1999 where she served in multiple positions. She successfully served as Secretary to the Director, Outpatient Services in 2004 and then Senior Secretary to Chief Operating Officer, Outreach Services in 2008. 

In 2012 Noorjehan moved from working at AKUH and took up an Administrative Officer position in the Office of the Dean of Research of Graduate Studies, AKU. In this position, she acted as the key liaison officer for the Grant Review Committee, AKU and provided support to the Director Research. 

Since May 2017, Noorjehan has joined CRM as an Assistant Manager where she is the focal person responsible for providing primary administrative and operations support to faculty, postdoctoral fellows, students, and staff. She is also responsible for ensuring timely coordination of grants and funding cycles, office management, budgeting and finance.


Yasmeen Mughal 

Assistant Manager

Yasmeen Mughal completed her MBA in Human Resources from Iqra University Karachi in 2012 and Masters in Economics from the University of Karachi in the same year. She joined the Human Resource Division at AKU in 2007 where she served for almost 10 years. 

Yasmeen is an experienced professional who has been regularly managing HR concerns of senior faculty members, department heads and entity directors. Her last position in Human Resource Division was as an Associate where she was responsible for HR matters pertaining to the AKU Academic Entity. 

Yasmeen joined CRM in January 2017 as an Assistant Manager where she is the CRM human resource focal person providing support to the Directors, faculty, staff and students with reference to AKU policies and procedures, performance and appraisal management, recruitment, benefits and compensation etc. She is also working in the areas of quality management, staff training and providing executive support to the Director CRM.