Message from ​the Interim​ Director​, CIME​​

Chair User Group, Chair Commissioning Group and Founding Director​ CIME​​

RWZ 300x300.jpgThe Skil​​​ls Lab was first conceptualized by Dr Camer W Vellani (the first Associate Dean, Educ​ation, FHS), developed by a group led by Dr Jamsheer Talati (the second Associate Dean Education, FHS). It was re-conceptualized into a Skills Learning Center for all health professions (nursing, medicine, dentistry and ​allied health) by a multi professional group chaired by Dr Rukhsana W Zuberi (the third Associate Dean Education, FHS). 

Aligned to the vision of the Chancellor to broaden our teaching and geographic reach, Mr Firoz Rasul (President AKU) suggested the facility should be a Center for Innovation in Medical Education. Thus the Skills Learning Center was transformed into a Center for Innovation in Medical Education​​ (CIME)​.

The realization of the cognitive engagement, enthusiasm and commitment of the User Group (2006-2012) and the Commissioning Group​ (2013-2015) could not have been possible without the support of Dean Mohammad Khurshid and Dean Farhat Abbas and the generosity of the esteemed donors: Dawood, Boghani and Nathoo Family.

I would like to appreciate the members of User Group and the members of the Commissioning Group for their superb contributions!

The baton has been passed on to the CIME Champions (CIMEC), CIME Administration and to future Directors to implement the Vision and Mission, achieve the goals and make CIME a true resource for the nation and the region.

We, at AKU, dream - and then work hard to realize our dreams.
Good luck!

The NoorMohammad E Mewawalla Professor of Family Medicine
Interim Director Center for Innovation in Medical Education (CIME)
Faculty of Health Sciences
Aga Khan University