​Messag​e from the Associate Dean
Outreach & Policy Unit​​

The word outreach in its simplest form means reaching out. For nurses and midwives, this really is the crux of their professional practice, which entails reaching out to people in order to help them and heal them. After the outbreak of COVID-19, the world especially recognised the role of nurses and midwives in reaching out to communities, managing patients at the frontline, and even spearheading vaccination drives across the globe.

The Office of Outreach and Policy Unit at AKU-SONAM, Pakistan, was established with the same resolution of helping humanity, reaching out to rural and underdeveloped communities, uplifting them and advancing their wellbeing. 

We take pride in working for the community and with the community, with our core objectives being support, advocacy and leadership for communities in Pakistan and beyond, through impactful partnerships.

The department manages, accelerates and takes pride in collaborations with the government, national and international universities, stakeholders and communities in general, including the World Health Organisation, WHO, European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations, ECHO, to name a few. ​

With more than 10 current collaborations underway, we are driven towards widening our reach and providing trainings, advocacy and support for the advancement of nursing and midwifery in the country, for a national and global social impact. 

The website gives you a detailed tour of all that we do, and all that we aspire to do. Hope you enjoy!

Best regards,

Dr Rafat Jan
Professor and Associate Dean,
Outreach and Policy Unit, AKU-SONAM
rafat.jan@aku.edu ​