​Our Vision

As shared by His Highness the Aga Khan, Chancellor of the Aga Khan University on February 16, 1981, at the inauguration ceremony, the School's vision is:

​“To raise the standard and standing of the profession itself, so that it is accorded the recognition and prestige earned and deserved by the women whose working lives are dedicated to the demanding and honourable task of caring for the sick."

Our Goals​ 

​The major goals of the School are to:​​​

  • Educate Future Nurses

Enable them to provide exemplary nursing care appropriate to the health needs of the urban and rural population in hospitals and communities.
  • Provide Leadership

Be a source of inspiration for the promotion and improvement of nursing education, practice, administration and research.
  • Produce Ambitious Graduates

Produce nurse graduates who aspire to pursue higher education at institutions of learning throughout the world and pursue professional careers in nursing.
  • Provide Continuing Education Opportunities

Arrange and administer relevant opportunities for continuing education in nursing to competently meet the changing societal healthcare needs and s​copes of practice in Pakistan and globally.
  • ​Respond to Needs

Respond to identified needs for nursing in Pakistan and other developing countries and regions which it serves.
  • Promote Partnership

Develop collaborations and networking across the Aga Khan Development Network and with other national and international institutions.



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