​AKU-SONAM Policy Dialogue

​A Webinar Series

What are the policies defining nursing and midwifery practice in Pakistan, and what are the international standards implemented by developed countries? We delve deep into these topics with regular talks by national and international experts in the field. ​

Webinar # 1| Live from Afghanistan

Guest Speaker: Wais Qarani

Webinar # 3 | Climate Change & its Implications on Weak Healthcare Systems in Developing Countries

​Guest Speaker: Zoha Tunio​

Webinar # 5 | Credentials & Privileges of Advanced Nurse Practitioners

Guest Speakers: Khairunnissa Hooda and Dr Asim Belgaumi​​

​​​​​Webinar # 7 | My Journey from RN to Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)

Guest Speaker: Rozina Virani

​​​​Webinar # 9​ | Implications of Climate Change for Midwifery

Guest Speaker: Judith Otter

Webinar​ # 2 | Informatics: Where Nursing & Technology Coincide

Guest speaker: ​Salimah Shamim Taufiq

Webinar​ # 4 | Why do we need Advanced Practice Nursing?

Guest Speakers: Dr Asim Belgaumi and Dr Rubina Barolia​​​

​​Webinar # 6 | Acute Oncology Nuse-led Services in UK

Guest Speaker: Riaz Kauser Mardani​

​​​Webinar # 8 | The Journey of ​APN Role Development at AKU-SONAM

Guest Speakers: Dr Rozmeen Shivji & Dr Rubina Barolia