Delegation Visits

The following delegations have visited the AKU School of Nursing.

Ms. PashtoonChair,
Board for Afghan Midwifery Association

October, 2010

Objectives of Visit:

  • Support to the midwifery program of GIHS - funding, newer dimensions, that is further strengthening the academics.

  • Proposed baccalaureate program in midwifery, suggested by Ms Pashtoon.

  • Plans for Afghan Midwifery and Nursing Council. She may ask for the final report of the strategic workshop held in Kabul - Zeenat can update on it.

Dr. Karyn J. Kaufman, RN, RM, PH,
Professor Emerita and Chair, Midwifery Education Programme
Faculty of Health Sciences
McMaster University

September 15-29, 2010

Dr. Karyn J. Kaufman, RN, RM, PH, is Professor Emerita and Chair of the Midwifery Education Programme, Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University, Hamilton, and a member of a community-based midwifery practice in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and Cadex consultant.

Objectives of Visit:

  • Assist in planning, designing, and developing higher education in Midwifery at various levels at AKU-SON

  • Review and provide feedback on strategic directions for the Midwifery programme

  • Provide modern teaching and learning approaches/pedagogy in the Midwifery education programme

  • Serve as an external examiner and Chair of Thesis Committee for 4 MSN students

Sarah Stewart
Education Facilitator
Education Development Centre, Otago Polytechnic

August 16-29, 2010

Sarah Stewart wears many hats including educator, consultant, project manager, researcher and midwife. Currently, she is working with the Education Development Centre at Otago Polytechnic as an education facilitator. Previous to this she was project officer for Aged Care Queensland, Brisbane, where she designed and implemented an e-mentoring program, and before that she was a Senior Lecturer in Midwifery at Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin, New Zealand. In 2009 she was lead educator on the Second Life Education New Zealand project. Ms. Stewart has always been interested in support and professional development for health professionals. She is available for hiring as consultant on eLearning and social media in education and health.

Objective of Visit:

  • To strategize eLearning/Distance Learning approaches for Midwifery/Nursing Education, to conduct workshop, sessions on Midwifery & eLearning, and meeting with Midwifery Faculty​