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March 2018 | Edition 02​​

Dear Colleagues,


There have been tremendous developments at the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan (SONAM, P) in the past couple of months. I am very excited to share a summary of some of the important happenings with you today.



Strategic Collaboration: Nursing Leaders’ Forum, led by SONAM, P, is being formed to empower nurse leaders across Pakistan to work for the sustained development of the profession through public-private alliance. Inaugural meeting of this one-of-its-kind initiative, held in January (followed up in March), was attended by thought leaders from 14 different nursing and midwifery institutes and hospitals who developed the Forum’s Terms of References (TORs), vision and goals to take the initiative forward.


Curriculum Retreat: This year, one of our strategic goals is to critically assess the existing curriculum for all nursing and midwifery programmes; make recommendations and integrate strategies in order to make the curriculum and our teaching methodology more contemporary, evidence-based and innovative. All this has to be done keeping in view the local community needs and the demands in the global health care environment.


I congratulate the Office of Teaching, Learning and Undergraduate Programmes led by Khairulnissa Ajani on holding a very successful inaugural session in March where the whole SONAM family actively participated. I am thankful to the Provost for being a part of it as well as Hans, Charles, Laila and Tariq for their incredible contribution. 



·         Dr Greta G. Cummings, Dean and Professor Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta visited SONAM in February and also delivered an informative session on building research initiatives. During her meetings with the Provost and myself, increased collaboration between the two entities was proposed around areas including the development of a Nurse Practitioner Model, a Cohort based PhD programme for SONAM Faculty, and collaboration with Chinese institutes among others.

·         A successful 4-week training programme was held in February-March led by SONAM, P for capacity building of nurses from Afghanistan to provide quality mental health nursing care to their patients at Kabul Mental Health Hospital.

·         Nursing instructors from Ghazanfar Institute of Health Sciences and Regional Institute of Health Sciences, Afghanistan had a week-long visit to SONAM. The visit’s objective was to learn how SONAM faculty members integrate nursing theory with clinical practice, and later use this knowledge at their own nursing schools to enhance the teaching-learning methodology.


Entity Liaisons:

·         Joint faculty positions have been advertised to increase liaison between SONAM, P and Service Lines AKUH, P. This will help us leverage the expertise, resources and capacities of both the entities for enhanced learning, mentorship and clinical supervision of our BScN students; also giving the joint appointees a chance to expand their work scope.

·         SONAM, P, in collaboration with Obs/Gyn service line chief Dr Lumaan, is working on the Midwifery Led Model (MLM) at AKUH that will allow competent and credentialed midwives to practice independently.


Visits: SONAM, P was visited by the Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) members as well as MNCH Director for Sindh. The over-arching purpose of both the visits was to evaluate the quality of our nursing and midwifery programmes. The good news here is that the MNCH Director for Sindh offered support to our Maternal, Neonatal, Child Health & Midwifery Clinical Stream to expand the reach of the programme across all the provinces. We are hoping this collaboration would go a long way in achieving a lot of our strategic goals for this year and ahead.


Award: Please join me in congratulating Shahnaz Shahid, the Head of our MNCH and Midwifery clinical stream who was awarded Second place in the Midwife of the Year 2018 category announced by the British Journal of Midwifery – BJM Awards.

I would also like to congratulate our faculty member Sharifa Lalani on completing twenty amazing years with the institute.



I would like to tell you all how much I appreciate the dedication and professionalism shown by each one of you. You all are a driver of the progress we are achieving at SONAM, P with each passing day. We have a lot more to look forward to in 2018 and I wish you all the best to continue to be committed to excellence.


With best regards


Dr David Arthur


The Aga Khan University School of Nursing and Midwifery

Karachi, Pakistan










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