​Revised Improvement Plan Monitoring Process


Within 6 months of submitting the PAR, the programme or entity will prepare a Revised Improvement Plan based on their initial Improvement Plan and the comments made by external peer reviewers.​

What is it?

The Revised Improvement Plan tracks the progress made by the programme or entity in the past year relative to their original improvement plan. It includes best practices and recommendations mentioned by the external peer reviewers, intended outcomes, actions taken or to be taken to achieve them, target date for completion, the responsible party, the supervising party, success indicators and evaluation of impact. 

How does it work?

The programme or entity​ fills out the Revised Improvement Plan and presents the findings at a QARC meeting. The QARC members will give comments and recommendations as necessary. 


Why is revised improvement plan monitoring important?

  • QARC and QAI can follow up with the entities/programmes who went through the review process and ensure that they are addressing the recommendations made by peer external reviewers and are making a genuine effort to improve programme quality.

  • The continuous process keeps the quality assurance cycle from being reduced to a check-box exercise and allows those involved in the programme’s organization to holistically reflect upon the enhancements achieved or failed to be achieved.

  • The RIP periodically identifies areas of strength and improvement and changes made in those areas.

  • Entities are held accountable to the Provost through QARC and must provide evidence of programme progress.

  • QARC acts as an advisory body and can give quality improvement advice to entities as needed. 


The programme/entity Director(s)/ Dean(s)/ Head(s) will lead the annual tracking of progress presentation to QARC (including representatives from QAI) either in person or remotely via Zoom. 


Once per year, the entity will present their revised improvement plan and tracking of progress to QARC, up until the 5th year when the cycle is complete and will start again with curriculum review and SAR.


 “The revised improvement plan template was helpful in listing and explaining the action points with timelines.” 

(SONAM Pakistan Dean)

“The colleagues from IED-EA felt that the process was an eye-opener and a reflective process.”  
(Excerpt from QARC meeting minutes on July 31, 2019)

“Entities found that this process is very helpful as it helped them to t​rack the progress of their improvement plan.” 

(Excerpt from QARC meeting minutes on May 30, 2018)


For the revised improvement plan template and other helpful links, check out our Tools for Programme Review​ at AKU in the Resources section.