​​​​EdTech Lounge

As COVID-19 disrupted on-campus teaching and learning, many faculty members started exploring ways to teach online. To support these faculty members, the Blended and Digital Learning Team at the Network of Quality, Teaching and Learning has started offering workshops and consultations to help f​​aculty members move to online teaching. At the same time, we know that faculty members can learn a lot from each other by sharing experiences and discussing new idea. Therefore, the EdTech Lounge was designed as a virtual space for AKU faculty members to discuss experiences of teaching and learning with technology. In the months of April and May 2020, the EdTech Lounge sessions will be held every Wednesdays from 3 pm to 3:40 pm Karachi; 1 pm to 1:40 pm East Africa; 11 am to 11:40 am UK via Zoom.

The format of each session is simple: after a round of introductions, the expert will speak for 15 minutes and afterwards, the session will be open for Q&A for 15 minutes. We will conclude with a summary of key ideas. 

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Please find recordings of some of the sessions below.​

 Mr. Cliff Asher Aliga

 Dr. Sadrudin Pardhan

 Ms. Isabel Kambo

 Ms. Zohra Kurji ‭[3]‬

 Ms. Mary Grace Nakate

 Dr. Nicholas Wachira

 Ms. Khairulnissa Ajani

 Ms. Zohra Kurji ‭[2]‬

 Dr. Habiba Thawer

 Dr. Sadaf Khan

 Dr. Almina Pardhan

 Dr. Sadia Masood

 Dr. Kausar Jabeen

 Ms. Zohra Kurji ‭[1]‬

 Dr. Sadia Fatima

 Dr. Anil Khamis

 Dr. Faisal Ismail

 Ms. Salima Alibhai

 Dr. Ahmed Sarki

 Dr. Shelina Bhamani

 Dr. Muhammad Zia Ul Islam

 Ms. Veronica Sarungi

 Dr. Tashmin Khamis

 Ms. Mehtab Jaffer

 Dr. Jane Rarieya

 Dr. Tasneem Anwar

 Dr. Asad Mian

 Dr. Nancy Booker

 Ms. Shirin Rahim

 Dr. Sana Siddiqui

 Dr. Aisha Sanober

 Dr. Lena Jafri