​Digital BootCamps​​​

Digital Bootcamps are short hands-on skills development sessions for faculty members to assist them in making their online and remote teaching interactive and enhance students’ learning experiences. These sessions not just focus on the tool but are also enmeshed with the relevant digital pedagogy. Most of these sessions are held in collaboration with faculty members who have integrated a digital tool in their online classroom and are willing to share it with their peers.

These sessions help faculty develop podcasts, interactive teaching resources, collaborative learning activities, and online teaching and learning assessment tools. The Digital Bootcamps are held monthly on Thursdays online via Zoom, and each month a new topic is explored. Following are the digital pedagogies that have been shared so far.​

• Creating & Sharing Interactive Lecture Content using Panopto

• Developing Interactive Teaching Resources for Online Learning using H5P

• Spark Students’ Imagination Through Creative Collaboration using Mural

• Audio-Based Discussions in Asynchronous Online Teaching Using Voicethread

• Engaging Learners Through Real-Time Feedback using Mentimeter

• Creating Activities for Collaboration and Brainstorming using Padlet

• Creating Visual Mind-Maps for Conceptual Understanding using Coggle

• Creating Interactive Quizzes for Virtual Classrooms using Quizizz

• Game-based Learning: Enhancing Student Engagement using Kahoot

• Collaborative Problem-Solving using Google Jamboard

• Making Students’ Thinking Visible using MindMup

In 2021, participation in these sessions had summed up to 108 in the ten (10) sessions conducted this year. Participation in these sessions has been seen from various AKU entities like Medical College Pakistan, SONAM Pakistan, Medical College East Africa, SONAM East Africa, IED East Africa, IED, ELE_net, and ISMC. BDL_net will continue to offer Digital Bootcamps in 2022, aiming to empower and support AKU Faculty and staff to continue with innovative digital teaching and learning practices.