1. Membership to an interdisciplinary and University-wide dedicated community of educators/ practitioners working together to strengthen their own teaching and to promote excellence in teaching throughout AKU (e.g. through initiating an educational project or research study with a tangible outcome such as developing a handbook on teaching dossier or a journal article etc.).
2. Recognized as accomplished teachers and leaders within AKU and who can be consulted both by faculty members and entity heads on educational-related matters (e.g., special membership invitation on educational committees at AKU).
3. An opportunity to engage with educational development and mentorship of faculty, thereby gaining experience to apply for SFHEA/PFHEA as an educational leader.
4. An opportunity to engage in research projects in teaching and learning either at an interdisciplinary or inter-professional level and across AKU campuses.
5. Due to the rigor in the selection process, the Haile T. Debas Teachers’ Academy members may use the outcome for academic promotion as well as career progression and recognition of their teaching excellence within AKU. 
6. Recognition through a certificate during the graduation ceremony or other notable University-wide functions at each location.
7. Right to apply for the position of Chair within the Haile T. Debas Teachers’ Academy.