​​Apply For Membership 

Preparing and Submitting your Application:

Interested candidates must submit the following to the Haile T. Debas Teachers’ Academy​ Manager, sahreen.chauhan@aku.edu by Monday, August 29, 2022. You application package must include the following:

1) A brief profile.

2) Personal statement.

3) Teaching Dossier.

4) Future Direction statement.

5) Re-applicant statement, if applicable.

6) Letter of Support

  • You are required to develop your application on a Google form​. A template is created for your application.
  • Develop your Teaching Dossier on a Google site (portfolio option). ​
  • ​Guidelines for developing your teaching dossier are available here​.​ 
  • Tutorial on developing a Teaching Dossier on Google site is available here​. ​

​Letter of Support from Dean/Chair of the department, Two Peers, and an external peer. These letters are requested by the candidate and must be submitted directly to sahreen.chauhan@aku.edu​ by the submission deadline.

For application process and any other related queries, contact TA manager at sahreen.chauhan@aku.edu

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before final submission, applicants are expected to ensure that all requirements are met for the membership application. The administrative review of the complete application package will be carried out to check for appropriate use of templates, eligibility etc. and applicants will be notified in case of any discrepancies. 

Membership Renewal: 

Membership will be renewed after three years of service by re-assessment by the membership committee. Renewal will be based on a demonstration of the mentoring role played during membership to enhance teaching quality and the contribution made to QTL Network activities and other university-wide faculty development activities related to teaching.

Application Timelines

o Call for membership: June 24, 2022.

o Orientation to the Haile T. Debas​​ Teachers' Academy and application process: Early July (Date TBD).

o Meet the mentors- Two Virtual Dialogue with Academy members: July and August (Dates TBD).

o Submission of the application deadline: Monday, August 29, 2022.

o Candidates are notified: By November 21, 2022.

o Welcome and celebration event: 1st week of December, 2022.​

o Orientation meeting for newly admitted members: January, 2023.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions​ section to seek answer to some of your queries.