​1. Membership application through a Google form.

​​​​​​​PERSONAL STATEMENT: Write a narrative about your educational trajectory, your current role, and key responsibilities in relation to teaching and leadership, including mentorship. [Max 250 words]

​​​​FUTURE DIRECTIONS: Provide a detailed account of your proposed engagement with QTL and university-wide educational and leadership activities, future direction, and intended contributions to the HTDTA and hence, QTL_net. [Max 300 words]

RE-APPLICANT STATEMENT (IF APPLICABLE): Individuals who have previously applied to the Academy are asked to ​address the feedback received from the Membership Committee, including how they have made any recommended changes, in a brief statement. [Two-paragraph]


2. ​Letters/Documents of support:

  • ​​​ Dean/Chair of the department

  • ​​​​​ Peers (two letters). Your peers may include a colleague you may have co-taught a course with, co-facilitated a professional development program with, co-planned a programme/course with etc.

  • ​​​​ A teaching expert external to AKU (She/He must be familiar with your teaching but is not currently a member of AKU).

Importa​nt information for the letters of support:

  • ​​The candidate requests letters from the Dean and Peers, who must submit them directly to the HTDTA manager, sahreen.chauhan@aku.edu, by the given deadline. 

  • All the letters must be provided on a letterhead titled “Support Letter: Name of the Candidate, AKU Teachers’ Academy Membership” and addressed to the ‘Reviewers Panel, AKU Teachers’ Academy Membership, 2024’. 

  • If you are resubmitting the membership application, kindly contact the HTDTA manager for the requirements. ​

  • ​​ Before final submission, applicants are expected to ensure that all requirements are met for the HTDTA membership application. The administrative review of the complete application package will be carried out to check for appropriate use of templates, etc. and applicants will be notified in case of any discrepancies. 

  • ​​ In the final evaluation, sections on Teaching Philosophy/Statement, Excellence in Teaching, and Excellence in Leadership, including Mentorship, will be evaluated as COMPULSORY. However, for evaluation, you can select ANY TWO from the remaining three sections (i.e., Curriculum Development/Programme Design, Learner Assessment, and Scholarship). Please mention your TWO strong sections in the Google form​ in the appropriate section.

  • ​​Membership will be renewed after three (3) years of service by reassessment by the membership committee. Renewal will be based on a demonstration of the mentoring role played during membership to enhance teaching quality and the contribution made to QTL Network activities and other university-wide faculty development activities related to teaching.



​Orientation webinar: An information webinar on the application process hosted by the HTDTA (Understanding the academy, purpose, expectation, how do you know that you are eligible): Monday, July 8, 2024; 3-4 pm PK, 1-2pm EA, 11am-12pm UKRegister here!

Meet the mentor:  These sessions are intended to guide you through the application process Do's and Don'ts. They will also provide you with an opportunity to write your application and seek feedback from exisiting members n its structure. ​

    Session 1: Friday, August 16, 2024; 3-5 pm PK, 1-3 pm EA, 11am-1 pm UK.
    Session 2: Monday, September 9, 2024; 3-5 pm PK, 1-3 pm EA, 11am-1 pm UK. (Tentative)

Kindly mark your calendars if you are interested in these sessions. Further details will be shared closer to the session dates.

For application process and related queries, contact the HTDTA manager at sahreen.chauhan@aku.edu 


  • Call for application: Thursday, June 27, 2024

  • Orientation webinar: Monday, July 8, 2024

  • Meet the mentor (virtual open house to chat with HTDTA members): Friday, August 16, 2024 & Monday, September 9, 2024 (Tentative)

  • Submission of the application deadline: Monday, September 23, 2024

  • Candidates are notified:  Monday, Decemeber 2, 2024

  • Welcome & orientation meeting for newly admitted members: Early December 2024

Contact Sahreen Chauhan, FHEA, Manager, Haile T. Debas Teachers' Academy, Network of Quality, Teaching and Learning for any further queries (email: sahreen.chauhan@aku.edu, ext: 4069, mobile: +92 302 8265167).