Teachers' Academy membership will be open annually. Call for members will be put out later this year​.

Please find below a guide provided to 2020 applicants for your reference


Preparing the application: ​

Interested candidates must submit the following as part of their complete application package:

Section A: Personal/Contextual Statement

Section B: Teaching Dossier (TD), which includes

Compulsory sections:

  1. Teaching (including clinical teaching if applicable) philosophy/statement 

  2. Evidence of Excellence for Teaching (including Clinical Teaching if applicable)

 And any TWO of the following:

  1. Evidence of Excellence for Curriculum Development or Programme Design 

  2. Evidence of Excellence for Learner Assessment 

  3. Evidence of Excellence for Scholarship in Teaching and Learning 

  4. Evidence of Excellence for Educational Leadership

[NOTE: Please write NOT APPLICABLE in the sections, which are not relevant to your application. As indicated in the application form, each completed section is required to be supported by evidences (e.g. reflective notes, images, student evaluations). Please create a folder on your system with proper titles. For example, any documents supporting your claims stated in “Evidence of Excellence for Teaching” section can be named as ‘Teaching-Evidence 1’, ‘Teaching- Evidence 2’, …, ‘Domain Title- Evidence #’.  You are encouraged to make reference of these evidences in your application, so your reviewer knows the exact reference.]

Section C: Future Directions, in which the candidate describes their educational trajectory, a detailed account of their engagement with QTL_net activities, future direction, and intended contributions to the TA and hence, the QTL_net.

Section D: Letters of Support, which should specifically address the candidate’s ability to meet criteria for membership and the impact of their work in raising the profile or standards of teaching at the University. Letters are required from:

  1. Dean/Chair of the department

  2. ​Peers (two letters) 

  3. A teaching expert external to AKU (He/she must be familiar with your teaching)​

These letters will be sent directly to the TA Manager at qtlnet@aku.edu. ​

Preparing for submission: 

  1. Before final submission, applicants are expected to ensure that all requirements are met for the TA membership application. 

  2. Applicants are expected to send their complete application package through email or WeTransfer at qtlnet@aku.edu by the given submission deadline. 

  3. Letters of support are sent directly to TA Manager at qtlnet@aku.edu

  4. The administrative review of the complete application package will be carried out to check for appropriate use of templates, etc. and applicants will be notified in case of any discrepancies.

  5. Once the administrative review is done, the TA Manager will then compile the whole application package and forward it to the review committee for evaluation.
Key Dates:​

  1. Announcement of call for applications Sep 22, 2020

  2. Submission of application deadline Nov 20, 2020

  3. Notification of outcome to candidates Mid Jan 2021

  4. Welcoming the inaugural group & kick-off meeting Feb 2021​

Reviewing application and selection process: 

To ensure transparent and standard criterion-based membership, a selected group of TAAB members and faculty members at AKU will be involved in the recruitment of the inaugural batch of TA members, led by the Chair/Co-chair of TAAB. 

After the recruitment of the inaugural batch of TA members, a formal committee (Membership) whose primary responsibilities will be to conduct the annual selection of TA members and the membership continuation review process will be formed. 

Renewing Membership: 

Membership will be renewed after three (3) years of service by reassessment by the membership committee. Renewal will be based on a demonstration of the mentoring role played during membership to enhance teaching quality and the contribution made to QTL Network activities.