Nuclear Medicine and PET-CT 


The Nuclear Medicine section is the only full-fledged Nuclear Medicine unit in East Africa. It performs over thirty different diagnostic and therapeutic Nuclear Medicine procedures.

The faculty includes Dr. Khalid Makhdomi, who is a Nuclear Medicine Physician and heads the Section, and Dr. Samuel Nguku who is a Radiologist with specialization in Nuclear Medicine. The staff includes two Nuclear Medicine Technologists and a trained Nurse.

Imaging Services

​​PET CT Imaging Services.JPG

The Section has one dual head SPECT Gamma Camera which performs the Nuclear Medicine scans, supported by a full-fledged hot lab.

The Section also has a Bone Mineral Densitometry machine, which performs DXA and whole body composition analysis scans.

The Section is in the process of setting up a PET-CT service, the first in East Africa. A PET-CT scanner and Cyclotron have already been installed. Services are scheduled to start in December 2018.​


Meet our Faculty.

Education and Research

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The Section is involved in the teaching of the Radiology residents who rotate regularly in the section. Other post-graduate residents from Obstetrics and Gynecology and Family Medicine also rotate through the Section. Additionally, Radiology residents from the University of Nairobi also rotate through this section.

Three of the Radiology residents so far have done their dissertation in Nuclear Medicine. The faculty has also published several papers based on data from studies performed in the Section. Some of the areas of focus in research include lymphoscintigraphy for lymphedema and sentinel node detection, and Iodine-131 therapy for hyperthyroidism.

For more research topics undertaken in the department, kindly visit the Aga Khan University ecommons repository ​​