Neuroradiology Faculty​

Dr Sheila Waa (MBChB, MMed) 
Assistant Professor

Dr Sheila Waa, a consultant radiologist, graduated from the University of Nairobi with MBChB degree in 2001 and an MMed in Diagnostic Imaging from Aga Khan University in 2009. She thereafter pursued a one-year research fellowship in Neuroradiology in University Health Network, Toronto. Her primary interests are in neurovascular and stroke imaging. Dr. Waa has been a member of the hospital Neuroscience steering, departmental Board of Examiners Committees and served as a Module Co-ordinator for Undergraduate Medical Curriculum Development.​


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  2. Comparison of Doppler in obstetrics with the fetal outcome; a prospective observational study. Waa S, Vinayak S. East African Medical Journal Vol. 87 No 12. 2010.

DR MAVUTI .jpgDr J. Mavuti, (MBChB, MMed) 
Senior Instructor

Dr Mavuti is a consultant radiologist and head and neck-imaging specialist, with an accompanying interest in neuroimaging. An alumna of the MMed in Diagnostic Imaging programme at the Aga Khan University Hospital, she thereafter completed a  Head and Neck Radiology Clinical Fellowship in the United Kingdom in 2019. Dr. Mavuti also serves on various departmental education committees, such as the Departmental Board of Examiners and the Departmental Research and Training Committee. Her overarching interest is to develop head and neck imaging practice, education and research at both an institutional and regional level.​


1. Borsetto, D., Fussey, J., Mavuti, J. et al. Penetrating neck trauma: radiological predictors of vascular injury. Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol 276, 2541–2547 (2019).