Breast Imaging


The breast imaging section offers screening, diagnostic and interventional services using various imaging modalities and is headed by a fellowship-trained Breast Imaging Radiologist. This section is committed to providing high quality, evidence-based care and utilizes the BIRADS lexicon in the breast imaging reporting.​


We perform about mammograms annually using a digital mammogram machine with 3-D tomosynthesis that increases the sensitivity of mammography as well as reducing patient recall rates and this is the only mammogram machine with the 3-D tomosynthesis in the region. The mammogram machine also has stereotactic biopsy capability that allows for biopsy of suspicious calcifications or lesions with no sonographic correlate.

We perform breast ultrasounds annually serving patients from the breast clinic as well as those referred from external facilities.

Biopsy services are available using core needles under ultrasound-guidance and stereotactic guidance. Vacuum-assisted biopsy (VAB) is set to start in late 2018 and look forward to it since it has greater yield compared to core needle biopsies and also allows for excision of small masses. The specimens are sent to the Pathology department and we work together as a team to ensure accurate diagnosis and correlation of the imaging findings.


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Education and Research

Residents rotating in the mammography section, ultrasound and interventional sections gain exposure in breast imaging. There are plans underway to have a comprehensive breast clinic where all these services are offered in one section allowing for better patient care and integrated learning for the residents.

The breast imaging section has conducted a number of research projects at dissertation level, and through both local and international multidisciplinary collaboration.

Dissertations – Completed:

  1. Mavuti, J. N. (2015). Prevalence of suspicious ultrasound findings in patients with mammographic focal asymmetry at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi (Unpublished master's dissertation). Aga Khan University, East Africa.

  2. Wanyonyi, D. T. (2014). Prediction of breast tumor size by ultrasound: a comparison with pathology (Unpublished master's dissertation). Aga Khan University, East Africa.

  3. Bwombuna, B. N. (2010). Evaluation of solid breast masses using Sonographic ACR BI-RADS lexicon descriptors (Unpublished master's dissertation). 

Dissertations – Ongoing:

  1. Prevalence of metastatic disease in newly diagnosed breast cancer patients as seen on contrast-enhanced computed tomography of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi. Gregory Ochieng Obala

  2. Prevalence of suspicious mammographic calcifications in newly diagnosed Breast Cancer Patients at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi. Mariam Omar