General Radiography and Fluoroscopy 


The General Radiography and Fluoroscopy section at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi comprises of all chest and abdominal radiographs and all diagnostic and therapeutic fluoroscopy procedures. Both acute, as well as non-emergent examinations, are carried out. It outlines the standard and modified the radiographic technique to accommodate a wide range of patients. This section provides clinical coverage and teaching of radiology residents.


Imaging Services 

The general radiography and fluoroscopy section utilizes state-of-the-art equipment including Computed radiography where cassettes are used and Digital radiography where no cassettes are used. An average of about 50 -100 plain chest and abdominal radiographs are reported per day from the inpatient and outpatient departments. We also report examinations from the outreach clinics and Somali. 

The bulk of the fluoroscopic procedures consist of Contrast swallows, Barium meals, Contrast enemas, Micturating cystourethrography , Ascending urethrography and Hysterosalpingography.


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Education and research 

The curriculum for the four-year residency is tailored to provide the highest level of education and patient care.  The first year (PGY-1) lays the groundwork for the basics in general radiography and fluoroscopy. During the second, third and fourth years residents are given gradually increased responsibilities. Residents are encouraged to take on research projects in general radiography and fluoroscopy because of the high number of patients encountered.

The residents rotate in general radiography and fluoroscopy sections for one month during which they are assessed based on their knowledge and skills from the reports and the procedures done. Monthly assessment is additionally done using a mini image interpretation exercise and from the mast forms.​​​