Reproductive Health Imaging


Site of Rotation:

Aga Khan University Department of Imaging and Diagnostic Radiology


The purpose of this course is to enable the M.Med resident to acquire working knowledge and basic skills of imaging in reproductive health in order to enable them to perform, interpret and use the results in patient management.

Objectives of the rotation:

  1. Use ultrasound to diagnose viability and gestational age in early pregnancy, localize placental site, recognize gross fetal abnormality, confirm presentation, uterine wall abnormalities, and tubo-ovarian tumours.

  2. Carry out and interpret hysterosalpingogram

  3. Describe the principles and use of X-ray, MRI, CT scanners, sonohysterosalpingogram, image intensifier and Doppler ultrasound in reproductive health

Duration of Rotation: 

8 weeks

Supervisors of Residents:

AKU Radiology faculty

Evaluation of Residents:

The Residents learning log shall be maintained and will guide formal feedback as well as in-depth sharing of learning experiences between faculty and each individual resident. End of rotation shall be evaluated using the resident interim summative assessment format that is in place at AKU.

Evaluation of Rotation by Resident:

Residents will be required to make a formal write-up based on the objectives of the rotation that summarises there experience at the end of each rotation.