Abdominal Surgery and Urology Rotation


Site of Rotation: 

MTRH Purpose/Rationale: This external rotation is designed to enable the M.Med resident acquire advanced knowledge and skills in urology and abdominal surgery. 

Objectives of the rotation: 

  1. Diagnose and manage intraoperative complications such as bladder, ureteric and bowel injuries. 

  2. Perform appendicectomy, reverse colostomy, resect and anastomose small and large intestine. 

  3. Diagnose and manage acute intraabdominal surgical conditions in a pregnant woman. 

Duration of Rotation: 

8 weeks Supervisors of Residents: 

Evaluation of Residents: 

The Residents’ learning log shall be maintained and will guide formal feedback as well as in-depth sharing of learning experiences between faculty and each individual resident. MTRH faculty shall evaluate the resident using the resident interim summative assessment format in place at AKU.

Evaluation of Rotation by Resident: 

Residents will be required to make a formal write-up based on the objectives of the rotation that summarises there experience at the end of each rotation.