Education and Research


The palliative care team plays a vital role in education at the Aga Khan University Hospital.  We meets the institution's education objectives by:

  • Conducting continuing medical and nursing education for many departments in the hospital.
  • Education of our internal medicine residents on the role of palliative care in providing comprehensive care to our patients.
  • Education on pain and symptoms management
  • The palliative care team remains instrumental and is continuously working to ensure that palliative care services are eventually available at our sister facilities in Kenya and Tanzania. 


Current Research Projects

Currently none

MMED Theses 

  • Factors that Influence Advance Directives Completion Amongst Terminally Ill patients, 2015. Stephen Omondi and John Weru.

  • Mobile Phone Application in Palliative Care for Cancer Patients, 2015. Newton Andebe and John Weru.
  • Using UNMASKES to foster end of life discussions in medical learners, 2018. Karishma Sharma and Sayed K. Ali

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