Message from the Programme Director

Welcome to the Paediatric residency programme which is a four year journey full of fun, excitement, learning activities and challenges. This is a competency-based programme whereby learning is facilitated by the faculty at different platforms. Our faculty members are trained as educators and are actively involved in research and publication. The faculty is willing to provide full support to its residents in order to enhance effective learning and become better educators. We aim to nurture our residents into better health care providers as far as children are concerned. 

The department has various learning facilities but the programme highly depends on the students’ self-driven learning enthusiasm. Residents will get an opportunity to learn clinical skills through bedside teaching and case-based learning. Non-clinical and professional skills such as communication and leadership skills are considered equally important in this training. 

During the transition from residency into becoming a practicing Paediatrician, learning will encompass different levels of competencies and responsibilities, from managing a critically ill neonate to running a specialized paediatric care clinic, and to communicating with care takers of the child. Residents will learn to take ownership of their practices as they progress into completion of the program. We aim to train and instill best practices into the residents in order to improve child health in the community and for them to become good leaders for a better future of our children.​

Aga Khan Hospital is a Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA) institution with outstanding graduates from the Aga Khan University around the globe. To study at a university accredited with the highest standards of quality and patient safety is a privilege, so grab this opportunity to learn with us as we look forward to learning with you.

Dr Nahida Walli, MD, MMED, FHEA
Programme Director, Department of Paediatrics and Child Health
Aga Khan University Medical College, East Africa
Dar es Salaam Campus​

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