Programme Struct​​​ure


The MA in Muslim Cultures is a programme which consists of a number of different elements: core and elective courses, an optional field-based Language Immersion Programme, a Communications and Leadership Programme and fieldwork which contributes to a thesis. The MA is currently 3 semesters (16 weeks per semester). From September 2024, it will be 4 semesters (16 weeks each).

During the MA Programme, students must complete a total of 45 credits, consisting of:

  • 15 core course credits
  • 6 thesis credits
  • 24 elective course credits

Part-time students must fulfil all of the same degree requirements, but can do so over a longer period of time to enable them to continue to work alongside their study. Part-time study is only available to students who do not require a student visa to live, work and study in the UK.

In general, assessment is based on presentations, written assignments and examinations. Passing the thesis is a prerequisite for graduation from the MA Programme.

After successful completion of all taught components of the MA programme, students are allowed to proceed with the research dissertation (sometimes called a thesis) of up to 20,000 words. For full-time students, this takes place in the third semester. Part-time students may begin their dissertation research upon completion of all 24 coursework credits.

Course Title Credit HoursCore / Elective
Muslim Societies in a Changing World3.0Core
Research Methods in the Social Sciences & Humanities 3.0Core
Language I: Arabic I OR Persian I3.0Core
Language II: Arabic II OR Persian II3.0Core
Emperors, Prophets and Caliphs3.0Elective
Gender and Sexuality in the Middle East3.0Elective
Religion, State & Politics in the Middle East3.0Elective
Paths in Sufism: Past & Present3.0Elective
Religion, Law and Society in Muslim Context3.0Elective
Muslims in Minority Context3.0Elective
Islam & Creativity3.0Elective
Art & Architecture of Muslim Culture3.0Elective
Historiography of the Nation3.0Elective
Development Challenges in Muslim Contexts

Authority and Legitimacy in Islamic History

The Politics of Modern Muslim Mobility


Note: Details of the programme are subject to change.


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